Swing Teacher Instruction Aid
Swing Teacher Instruction Aid

Swing Teacher Instruction Aid

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Swing Position In A Swing Is Key. This Aid Corrects Swing Positioning By Setting The Correct Wrist Hinge At The Top Of Your Backswing To Allow You To Feel A Perfect Swing. Use This Swing Aid For 5 Minutes Everyday And It Will Become Natural. 

  • Easy To Install: Just Hand Screw It On To The Grip
  • Trains Wrists Not To "Scoop" The Ball By Flattening The Wrists 
  • Fix The Hook Or Slice: Corrects Face Alignment Through Your Golf Swing To Reduce Slice And Hook Tendency
  • Increase Distance: By Correcting The Form Of Your Backswing It Will Take Less Effort To Hit The Ball Further
  • Fits Any Golfer: Right Or Left Handed, Women, and Juniors 

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